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Benefits of connecting

An Internet Exchange (IX) or Internet Exchange Point is a connection point where Internet service providers (ISPs) and other network operators exchange traffic with each other. Some of the advantages of connecting to an IX include:

1. Latency improvement:

By connecting to an IX, the number of hops between networks is reduced, reducing latency and increasing speed.

2. Cost reduction:

By reducing traffic sent through transit providers, connectivity costs can be reduced.

3. Ease of interconnection:

By being present at a neutral point, a network can easily connect to other networks that are also present.

How to Connect

Connecting to IXPlay is an easy, quick and straightforward process thanks to its multiple points of presence and the simplicity of its connection processes.


Where to Connect

We offer both direct and remote connectivity options through your locations or partners. If you wish to connect, you can review the list of available locations to find the one closest to you.

If none of the options are suitable for your connectivity needs, you can contact us for assistance in identifying the best way to connect.

Interxion MAD1/2Madrid, SpainDirectly
EspanixMadrid, SpainRemotely
Telehouse VoltaireParis, FranceDirectly
Interxion FRA1-15Frankfurt, GermanyDirectly


It is necessary to have a public IP address duly registered in one of the Regional Internet Registries (RIR).

This IP address will allow the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or peering company to establish a connection to the IX and participate in the exchange of traffic in an efficient and secure manner.

  1. 1. From IXPlay we will issue you the LOA of connection.
  2. 2. We will send you the port configuration data.
  3. 3. Start Playing!


  1. 10Gbps-FREE *
  2. 100Gbps-2400€/mes
* First port free of charge, subsequent ports are charged at a monthly cost of 500€.